Week 4: Creativity

Every pizza you can imagine is real.

~ Pablo Picasso (quote later revised)
Close up of vegan Hawaiian pizza toppings
Vegan Hawaiian Pizza

After last week’s failed attempt to make a sweet potato crust, I decided to play the crust old school and get creative with the toppings. Thus, our Hawaiian inspired pizza was born. And it was damn good.

For the crust I used this recipe from Life as a Strawberry It’s a reliable recipe I’ve used many times. It really can be done in just 15 minutes, which is the minimum amount of time you need to heat your oven to 425° F.

While the dough rested under a tea towel for 10-15 minutes “proving”, we assembled our pizza toppings. We didn’t have a red onion or bell pepper on hand or we would have added them. We used cinnamon and sliced almonds, a flavor enhancing hack I wanted to try after reading this article.

We sprinkled a generous amount of cinnamon over the pineapple and let them drain on a paper towel so the pizza would not be soggy.

For sauce we used a few tablespoons of tomato paste, thinned with water, and added slices of tomatoes sprinkled with salt to release the flavor.

After letting the dough rest in a bowl for 15 minutes, I used an empty Perrier bottle as a rolling pin and got this shape… do you see the face?

It may look funny but it’s our favorite pizza so far this year. The pineapples add a tangy sweetness and the cheese pulls it all together. Vegan Hawaiian pizza was a big win.

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We're a couple living in the Bay Area who are committed to a pie a week in 2020. Join us!

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